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The Spanish “R” Sound Makes Me Want to Jump off a Bridge

If trying to say the Spanish “R” sound makes you want to beat your head on your desk, then you are just like me.  I couldn’t do it until I asked a friend to let me look in her mouth while she said a word with the “R” sound.  Fortunately my friend has pretty teeth and her breath didn’t smell so I could watch her do it multiple times.

Here’s the key, when you say the Spanish “R”, your tongue needs to hit the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth and then drop down.  In English if you slowly say the word “butter”, notice how your tongue hits the roof of your mouth and drops down when you say the “T” sound.  Where your tongue hits when you are saying the English “T” sound is really close to where your tongue hits when you make the Spanish “R” sound.

Unfortunately, I can’t come to your house and say words with the Spanish “R” sound so you can watch how it works.  Besides, I really like to eat garlic bread and that wouldn’t be pleasant for anyone.

Fortunately, there is a brave young lady that will let you peer into her mouth to help you.  Watch this video and you’ll have an “oh, I get it” moment: