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Sing Spanish, You Happy Little Monkey

Songs are an amazing way to memorize vocabulary because they stick in your memory so well. Just think of all the song lyrics you know by heart. After you’ve heard a song enough times, it just sticks with you.

Using songs to memorize Spanish vocabulary is fun and easy. Just take songs and add Spanish vocabulary words in place of the English vocabulary words.

For example, you may have heard the children’s song “Apples and Bananas.” If not, you can listen to it here: http://sillyspanish.com/apples-and-bananas-song

I only use the first verse from the song and the tune. Then I modify it to make a catchy Spanish vocabulary song. For example:

I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.
I like to eat, eat, eat manzanas y bananas.

I like to drink, drink, drink water and coffee.
I like to drink, drink, drink agua y cafe.

I like to eat, eat, eat chocolate and pizza.
I like to eat, eat, eat chocolate y pizza.

You can of course find the entire song translated into Spanish but for absolute beginners, I find it’s easier to just replace a few words instead of trying to memorize everything in Spanish.

The super cool thing is you can use any song you want with this approach. Take a tune you know and make up your own lyrics or just replace a few of the words with Spanish words.