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Read the Signs

Where I live in Texas, there is a huge Hispanic population so we have loads of signs that are in both English and Spanish. This provides yet another opportunity to learn and practice Spanish vocabulary.

Sometimes the Spanish portion of the sign is a complete translation of the English portion of the sign.  Here is an example of one I saw in a bathroom:


This type of sign is awesome because it has the complete translation from English to Spanish and makes matching up the vocabulary words easy.  I saw this sign, took a picture, and then said the Spanish version out loud.  Yes, the guy at the urinal gave me a really weird look but hey, I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to practice my Spanish just because I happen to be in a public restroom.

Here is an example of a sign I saw in the grocery store:


Not all signs will have the complete translation but even reading and saying the key words used will be beneficial.