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Qué Onda Spanish

que_onda_spanishI ran across a fun little site today called Qué Onda Spanish which, in addition to a variety of lessons and flashcard drills, has some fun games to check out.   These are simple games but they are very well done and are fun to play.  Currently the site has the following games:

  • Hangman – The classic standard.  You have to choose the correct letters for a Spanish word or phrase before you end up hanging from a noose.  What’s nice about this version is you can either play with or without the English translation shown.  From a learning perspective I think it’s better to have the translation shown even though this makes the game easier.
  • Memorama – You are presented with 14 cards all face down.  Half the cards are in English and half are in Spanish.  Your job is to flip a card, then another to see if you get a match.  If you don’t have a match, the cards turn face down again.  As they say, it’s a good way to exercise your memory and learn vocabulary at the same time.
  • Whack-a-Word – We’ve all seen Whack-a-Mole type games and this fits that category.  You are given a Spanish word and under it you’ll find five holes.  Possible English translations for that word randomly appear and you have to click the correct translation before it disappears.  You get points for correctly “whacking” a word and lose points if you choose incorrectly.  The only problem I had with this game was it seemed to repeat the same Spanish vocabulary words too often.
  • Alphabet Soup – A basic word search game where you are given a list of Spanish words to find in a matrix of letters.

I’d say Memorama is the game I most enjoy at this site but hangman comes in a close second.

Qué Onda Spanish does a great job with their games and is worth a visit.