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Now That You Know Spanish Sounds, Don’t Worry About How You Sound

I know, explaining the sounds in Spanish and then telling you not to worry about how you sound when you say them may seem counter intuitive. But, the reason I say this is to free you from the aggravation of trying to say the words perfectly.

You are just getting started, you aren’t going to say the words perfectly. In fact, to start with, you are going to butcher the words to the point that someone fluent in Spanish will just give you a funny look when you say them.

What you will find is the more you practice the better you will get. (Just call me captain obvious.)  I’ve seen first hand with my daughter what happens when you try to be perfect from the start. You will get frustrated.  Frustration isn’t fun.

Think of it this way, when you are singing in the shower (come on, you know you do), do you care how you sound?  Of course not.  You are just singing for the fun of it.  The same goes for beginning to speak Spanish.


I’ve just given you freedom from perfection. Freedom from trying to immediately achieve perfection means you’ll have fun.  Ah, that delightful little word; fun.