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NFL Team Names In Spanish from Speaking Latino

Speaking-Latino-350x115Speaking Latino put together a very cool list of the NFL teams with their names in Spanish.  Before getting to the list, let me give you a quick overview of what Speaking Latino is all about.

A challenge with the Spanish language can be the fact that the various Spanish speaking countries have their own unique colloquialisms, vocabulary, and even grammar.  This can leave beginners befuddled when they hear a term they’ve never encountered before.  In fact, this can leave even advanced learners scratching their heads.

Speaking Latino tackles this problem with loads of information, resources, and teaching aids.  Some of the resources such as ebooks cost a small fee, but much of what you’ll find on this site is free.  For example, check out their YouTube channel.  Whether you are a teacher or student this site  has much to offer and I know you’ll like it.

Ok, let’s get to that list of NFL teams with their names in Spanish.  Full credit goes to Speaking Latino for this list.

Arizona Cardinals Cardenales de Arizona
Atlanta Falcons Halcones de Atlanta
Baltimore Ravens Cuervos de Baltimore
Buffalo Bills Los Bills
Chicago Bears Osos de Chicago
Cincinnati Bengals Bengalíes de Cincinnati or
Tigres Bengales de Cincinnati
Cleveland Browns Cafés de Cleveland
Dallas Cowboys Vaqueros de Dallas
Denver Broncos Broncos de Denver
Detroit Lions Leones de Detroit
Green Bay Packers Empacadores de Green Bay
Houston Texans Tejanos de Houston
Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguares de Jacksonville
Kansas City Chiefs Jefes de Kansas City
Miami Dolphins Delfines de Miami
Minnesota Vikings Vikingos de Minnesota
New Orleans Saints Santos de Nueva Orleans
New York Jets Jets de Nueva York
Oakland Raiders Invasores de Oakland
Philadelphia Eagles Águilas de Filadelfia
Pittsburgh Steelers Acereros de Pittsburgh
San Diego Chargers Cargadores de San Diego or
Cargueros de San Diego
San Francisco 49ers Los Cuarenta y Nueve de San Francisco
St. Louis Rams Carneros de San Luis
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucaneros de Tampa
Tennessee Titans Titanes de Tennessee
Washington Redskins Pieles Rojas de Washington
Carolina Panthers Panteras de Carolina
Indianapolis Colts Potros de Indianápolis
New England Patriots Patriotas de Nueva Inglaterra
New York Giants Gigantes de Nueva York
Seattle Seahawks Halcones Marineros de Seattle or
Halcones Marinos de Seattle