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It’s Not a Tuna Fish Sandwich!

Captain Obvious Says: “The more you practice saying Spanish words and phrases, the more comfortable you’ll become saying them.”

Thank you, Captain Obvious, where would we be  without you?

Then again, are you really taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to practice?  Probably not and here is an easy way to solve that.  Begin using Spanish words for every day items you use.  For example, whenever you refer to your microwave, refer to it as your microonda.  And if you are having trouble remembering some of your vocabulary words, just whip out a little yellow sticky note and tag the item with the Spanish word.  Do this with as many words as you can, all the time, every time.

Will this annoy your friends and family?  Probably.  They are probably annoyed by you anyway so just go for it.

So the next time someone asks you what’s for lunch, you’ll know the answer; sándwich de atún.