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Have a Spanish Conversation… With Yourself

talktoselfIn an ideal world we’d all have someone with whom we could practice our Spanish whenever and wherever it was convenient for us. Wait we do have such a person — ourselves. Who says you need two humans to carry on a conversation?

Now, to make this silly and thus, more memorable have the conversation with the following guidelines:

  1. Each person (both played by you) must speak in a different voice. Perhaps person one is male and person two is female. Maybe person one is a pirate and person two has a Southern accent. You get the idea.
  1. Stand up while you are doing this or have one of the two people (both played by you) standing and the other sitting.
  1. Be very dramatic as you are saying your lines.  Make your presentation a Broadway spectacle.
  1. Go slowly and really emphasise the pronunciation of each word.

Perform the conversation I have created for you often.  Then, start to create your own conversations from the things you are learning.  It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary as you look up new words or phrases you’d like to use.

For this dialogue, we’ll pretend you work at a Zumba dance studio, your name is Sandra, and you are answering the phone.

Here we go…

Thank  you for calling Zumba, this is Sandra, how can I help you?

Gracias por llamar a Zumba, esta es Sandra, ¿cómo puedo ayudarle a usted?

(grah-see-ahs pohr yah-mahr ah Zoom-bah, eh-stah ehs Sandra, koh-moh poo-eh-doh ayoo-dahr-leh ah oo-stehd)


What is your address?

¿Cuál es su dirección?

(coo-ahl ehs soo dee-rex-ee-ohn)


Our address is 451 Highway 6, north.

Nuestra dirección es cuatro cinco uno Carretera Seis, al norte.

(noo-ehs-trah dee-rex-ee-ohn ehs coo-ah-troh seen-koh oon-oh kahr-reh-teh-rah seh-ees, ahl nohr-teh)


What time are the classes?

¿A qué hora son las clases?

(ah k oh-rah sohn lahs klahs-ehs)


9 to 10, Monday through Friday.

Nueve a diez, de lunes a viernes.

(noo-eh-veh ah dee-ehs, deh loon-ehs ah bee-ehr-nehs)


Do you have child care during the classes?

¿Tiene cuidado de niños durante las clases?

(tee-eh-neh coo-ee-thah-doh doo-rahn-teh klahs-ehs)


Yes. The cost is $2 per child, per class.

Sí. El costo es dos dólares por niño, por clase.

(see. ehl kohs-toh ehs dohs doh-lahr-ehs pohr neen-yoh, pohr klahs-eh)


Do I have to have a membership or can I just pay for each class?

¿Tengo que tener una membresía o puedo pagar por cada clase?

(tehn-goh k tehn-ehr oon-ah mehm-breh-see-ah oh poo-eh-doh pah-gahr pohr kah-dah klah-seh)


The membership is $100 per month for as many classes as you want. If you are not a member, the cost is $10 per class.

La membresía es ciento dólares por mes para tantas clases como desee. Si aún no eres miembro, el costo es diez dólares por clase.

(lah mehm-breh-see-ah ehs see-ehn-toh doh-lahr-ehs pohr mehs pah-rah tahn-tahs klahs-ehs koh-moh deh-seh. see ah-oon noh ehr-ehs mee-ehm-broh, ehl kohs-toh ehs dee-ehs doh-lahr-ehs pohr klahs-eh.


    Thank you!




You’re welcome!

¡De nada!

(deh nah-dah)