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Funny Spanish Idioms

idioms2An idiom is a phrase that isn’t understandable from just knowing the individual words. In other words, the literal translation doesn’t match up with the figurative meaning. An English example would be “A Dime A Dozen” which means something common and easy to get. As with English idioms, these are phrases that aren’t used in all Spanish speaking countries but they are funny to read.

Idiom: Baboso.
Translation: Slimy
What it Means: Idiot.

Idiom: Bicho raro.
Translation: Rare bug.
What it Means: Weirdo.

Idiom: Agarrar en curva.
Translation: Grab in curve.
What it Means: To catch off-guard.

Idiom: Está picándose los ojos.
Translation: It is chipping the eyes.
What it Means: To kill time.

Idiom: Pide paros.
Translation: Asks strikes.
What it Means: Ask for favors.

Idiom: Te come el mandado.
Translation: You eat the errand.
What it Means: When someone takes advantage of you.