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123 Teach Me – Spanish Tanks Game

tank_game_screenshot123 Teach Me has a bunch of games you can play to help you with your Spanish and my favorite is called Tanks.  The object of Tanks, not surprisingly, is to shoot your opponent’s tank to earn points.  What makes this game cool is the fact that you have to answer a question correctly to get to shoot.  If you miss a question, your opponent gets to shoot at you.

Before you get started, you are presented with a list of categories from which to choose.  The category you choose will determine the type of questions you will get.  For example, you can choose to answer questions about adjectives, adverbs, vocabulary or a few dozen other options.

After you choose your category you’ll be transported to your battlefield.  You’ll then be given a sentence in Spanish missing a word.  You are also given the sentence in English.  At the bottom of the screen you’ll be given a list of fill in the blank answers.  Choose the correct Spanish word and you’ll get to take your shot.  Choose the wrong answer and the enemy tank will take a shot at you.

It’s a simple game, but forcing you to have to answer a question before each shot is what makes it fun… and educational.

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