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12 Spanish Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Just because a word looks similar in Spanish and English, don’t assume it means the same thing. Here are some examples:

1. Embarazada – You may guess this means embarrassed, but if you use it incorrectly in Spanish you are sure to be embarrassed. Embarazada doesn’t mean embarrassed, it means “pregnant.”

foot-pie2. Pie – Unless you have some funky cravings, don’t ask for a piece of pie after dinner. Pie means “foot” in Spanish, not pie.

3. Bizarro – There is nothing strange about being referred to as bizarro in Spanish; in fact it’s quite the complement.  Bizarro doesn’t mean bizarre, it means “gallant.”

4. Balde – If you think you’re telling funny bald jokes by using the term balde, the joke is on you because balde means “bucket,” not bald.

mustache-25. Bigote – When you call someone a bigot in English you can expect to see them frown. But if you call someone a bigote in Spanish they’ll probably laugh because bigote means “mustache.”

6. Ropa – If someone tells you there are wearing ropa in Spanish, don’t worry, they aren’t half naked.  Ropa doesn’t mean rope, it means “clothing.”

7. Decepción – This word can be deceiving because it looks like deception but actually means “disappointment.”

8. Enviar – You’ll never turn green with envy because enviar doesn’t mean envy, it means “send.”

9. éxito – If you ask where to find the éxito to a building you will get some strange looks because éxito doesn’t mean exit, it means “success.”

10. Fútbol – If you think you need a helmet and shoulder pads to play fútbol, you are confused. Fútbol means “soccer,” not American football.

11. Ganga – If your friend tells you they’ve found a ganga they love, fear not, they are not planning a life of crime. Ganga means “bargain,” not gang.

soup-bath12. Sopa – If you plan to lather up with sopa in the tub, things may get icky because sopa means “soup,” not soap.