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Welcome to Silly Spanish

This blog is for the absolute beginner.  I’m talking, bottle-fed, unable to crawl beginners who need a gentle introduction to learning Spanish. I take an amusing approach to ease you into the Spanish language.

If you want to jump right in without reading more about the blog, you can get started here:

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Learning Spanish

My beginner’s guide is a compilation of posts you can read, in order, to get you up and running quickly.

You’ll find lots of the following in my blog posts:

  • Flashcards – I love online flashcards so I share what I’ve already created with you.
  • Pronunciation Keys – As often as is possible, I include pronunciation keys to help you say the vocabulary words.
  • Videos – There are bazillions of language learning videos and I highlight those that have a high fun factor.
  • Learning Ideas – Text books aren’t the only way to learn. I talk about games, activities, podcasts and more.

You should know that I’m not an expert in the Spanish language and I love learning more each day. I provide blog posts to share what I’ve learned and to help you start off better than I did.

When I first started, I thought it would be fun to learn Spanish. Unfortunately when I started I found learning Spanish was anything but fun; it frustrated, annoyed, and perplexed me.  I didn’t “get it” and I certainly wasn’t making any progress on my quest for conversation.

Why I was having such problems eluded me.  I had taken (what I thought) were all the steps necessary to learn the language.  I had purchased a Spanish/English dictionary. It was neat to look through but I couldn’t figure out how to start. So I bought a book that said I could master Spanish in just a few weeks. That didn’t work. Then I bought a few more books but I was still getting nowhere. My dreams of becoming an overnight sensation mastering the language were dashed. Something obviously was wrong with me if I wasn’t able to learn from these books.

Yes, there was something wrong.  The approach I was taking to learning was wrong.  I’m not a text-book kind of guy.  I don’t learn well that way.  Perhaps it is the result of too much sugar coated cereal as I child, but I need learning to be fun, not dull.  The best approach for me is learning by being silly using games, songs, rhymes, videos and books.  Silly sticks in my head better than anything else.

I started this blog for other silly people like me. This blog will get you started and soon you’ll be ready to cast off your training wheels and roll on your own.

Have fun!

Check out the beginner’s guide or the blog.